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Zorg voor een gezond vestigingsklimaat voor de kunsten in Groningen

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Dear fellow artist,

You might have heard about it: the availability of studios for visual artists is under pressure. There are not enough, they’re too expensive and too many are only temporarily.



BBK, BOK, Kunstenbond, members and supporters


establish that:

  • studios for visual artists is under pressure
  • all temporary artist studios should become permanent
  • no work space should disappear
  • new studios, living studios (home studio combinations) as well as breeding grounds must be added.
  • Groningen is the only medium-sized city in the Netherlands and by far the biggest in the north, with a population of around 240,000 with 62,000 students, Groningen is the northern center for higher education
  • With 4 art colleges (3 art academies, 1 conservatory), Groningen is the provider of art in the north.
  • our manifest the basis is for our request


and request

a healthy artistic climate for the arts in Groningen with enough studios.

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wilma vissers 
Kunstenbond, BOK, BBK 




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Na 10 jaar nog steeds onderaan de wachtlijst voor een atelier